Slots Studio Features

Machine Design

Easily design your machine prototype in no time. You can use ready-made mechanics from attached library or create your own with just basic knowledge of TypeScript.

Math Balancing

Set and iterate payout schedule and instantly get fragmented RTP contributions, hit probabilities, coincidental win frequencies and distribution of prizes along with game volatility.

Live Testing

Simulate the gameplay on integrated player to check the game look and feel and most importantly - the emotions!


On the main dashboard, you see the reels, payouts and calculated game results: RTP, volatility etc.

Reels and Payouts

Define the basics of your game: reels, play window, paylines bonuses etc. You can update it at later at anytime and the tool will recalculate game results instantly. Choose various ready-made mechanics from attached library or easily create your own - only basic knowledge of programming in Typescript is needed.

Set proposed payout schedule and easily make what..if analysis, to investigate, how changes in input variables affect game results. You can also set desired RTP, volatility and other constraints and tool will propose reels for you.

RTP Calculation

The dashboard recalculates in real time (based on hundreds of thousands of spin simulations) all important game results: particular hit probabilities, coincidental win frequencies, distribution of prizes per payout / feature.

You can instantly evaluate machine RTP and volatility and tune it, until you find the best one.

Live Game Simulation

The animated game simulator allows you to test your game at any stage of the design, so you can not only understand its look and feel, but also the most important thing - emotions!

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